Question: Where Did Toya Sell A House?

Why is Toya and Eugene selling their house?

But, they surprised viewers and their co-stars when they shared that they were selling yet again. The move has gotten the other ladies talking, but Toya is insistent that she only put her house on the market in order to make a tidy profit. Keep scrolling to take a look at Toya’s house. 7

How much is Toya and Eugene new house worth?

MARRIED to Medicine star Toya Bush-Harris gave fans an inside look into her $3.5 million Georgia home. The gorgeous home features a two-story closet, six custom-built fireplaces and other amenities. In a new video for Bravo Insider, the 43-year-old welcomed fans into the home she shares with husband Eugene Harris.

What neighborhood does Toya live in?

Bravo Insider Exclusive! Though Toya Bush-Harris might have had misgivings about moving to the ‘burbs, she’s loving life in Alpharetta, Georgia, as you can see in the clip above.

What is Toya Bush-Harris worth?

Toya Bush – Harris is worth $4 million, and she made her impressive fortune through her career as a pharmaceutical representative.

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Is Toya and Eugene still together?

Toya Bush-Harris let Married to Medicine fans into an incredibly intimate moment she shared with her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, in the March 28 episode of the series. Eugene spoke to Bravo Insider in an exclusive interview prior to the episode airing.

Who is the highest paid doctor on married to medicine?

Anila Sajja – $1 million Anila is the wife of Dr. Kiran Sajja, a successful plastic surgeon. Not much is known about her wealth. but since she has joined the series, we can estimate that Anila will be richer by $100,000 after the eighth season, in addition to her earnings from her blog and social media engagements.

Are married to medicine real doctors?

Only two of the six, mostly black cast members are “married to medicine ” in the sense of it being their career. Both Jacquline Walters (” Dr. Diva”) and Simone Whitmore are OBGYNs with their own practices.

Did Toya put her house on the market?

Shortly after Toya Bush-Harris moved into a gorgeous new house, many of her Married to Medicine castmates were surprised to learn that she put the fully customized abode on the market. 5

Who is fired from married to medicine?

As we know, the news about Quad being fired turned out to be untrue since she appears in season 8 as a recurring cast member. However, she no longer seems to be on the main cast billing. Although Quad had also clashed with Heavenly on social media, they seem to have resolved their issues.

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Is Mariah fired from married to medicine?

Mariah Huq said she has not been asked back to Married to Medicine. As it turns out, Mariah Huq’s exit from the show might not be due to her own volition. Mariah sparked curiosity when she questioned why she had not received a contract from the show’s network via a post on her Instagram account.

What is Nene Leakes worth?

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Nene Leakes ‘ net worth is $14 million. It is because of her appearance in the show RHOA that brought her fame.

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