Often asked: Where To Sell A House In Wizard101?

How do you get rid of a house in Wizard101?

Re: How do i get rid of a house? Hello, If you want to sell a house you must first take all items out of it, you must also clear the attic. Then you can take your house to any housing turtle and sell it.

How do you sell a castle in Wizard101?

Re: where do i sell castles? you gotta empty your house first, then sell it at a house shop.

Where do you sell stuff in Wizard101?

No auction items can be sold at any “shop” or vendor. Housing and gardening items must be sold at a housing shop/vendor. Clothing and pets must be sold at a clothing/pet vendor. Don’t ever use quick sell you get much less gold that way!

Can you transfer houses in Wizard101?

By popular request, houses can now be transferred via the Shared Bank! The Shared Bank can only hold one house at a time and each house can only be moved to the Shared Bank once every 90 days.

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How do you get rid of castles in wizard101?

Go into your house/ castle, and click on the button “place object” like you are going to put something in your house. Then click on the tab to the left for “flooring and wallpaper only”.

How many houses can you own in Wizard101?

Housing in Wizard101 is called “Castles & Lands”. All players start out with a dorm room that they can decorate with many of the thousands of housing items available. Upgraded housing can be purchased using in-game gold from vendors in each of the worlds. Players can own up to three houses, plus their Dorm.

What is the biggest house in Wizard101?

As far as indoors goes, the largest house in the game so far is the Red Barn Farm. It’s 12,500 Crowns (125,000 gold), and boasts a fairly large outdoor area plus absolutely huge rooms on the inside.

How many castles can you have in Wizard101?

Housing Rules: Wizards of at least level 15 can own up to 3 castles at one time. They may be sold back to a castle vendor, at a considerable loss, to free up a space.

What do you do if you don’t have auction items in wizard101?

No auction items can be sold. Clothing items, rings, athames and amulets can be sold to the Robe vendor in the Shopping District. Housing items can be sold to the housing vendor in the Shopping District.

How does bazaar work wizard101?

The Bazaar is a store in Olde Town where players can sell their items, which other players can then buy. Items cost varying amounts of Gold, depending on how many of that item there are. If there are many of an item, it will cost less, and if there are few, it will cost more. The same is true for selling items.

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Can you give stuff in Wizard101?

Players can choose to purchase an item from a shopkeeper or the SHOP button on their screen, and Gift that item to another player on their Friends list. Just look for the little gift icon when you ‘re shopping, select an item and click on Gift. This Gift giving feature is controlled through Parental Controls.

Can I transfer items from one account to another Wizard101?

Items in the Shared Bank will not transfer. You will need to place all items in a characters Backpack, Bank, Attic or Castle in order to have those items go with the transferred character. 5.

How do you transfer gear in Wizard101?

Teleport to your dorm room and access the chest which will be located along the wall of the dorm. There you can access your shared bank. Not all items are transferable between wizards, but allot of the gear you can acquire throughout the earlier game will be able to be placed into the shared bank.

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