Often asked: How To Sell A House On Sims 3 Xbox 360?

How do I sell a house on Sims 3?

Simply click on the house you want to sell and go to one of the little buttons at the bottom which allows you to sell it – and then press sell!!! BE CAREFUL though, because you won’t be able to take the furniture out of the house you are selling, so make sure you take ALL of your sim’s stuff that you WANT.

How do you move house on Sims 3 Xbox 360?


  1. Click the sim you are using then click cell phone and from there click move and finally you will be takin to the town map and then just select where you now want to move. User Info: Mr_Awes0me45.
  2. Do like me.
  3. I haven’t moved yet, but yes you can move.
  4. I just moved into the Gothic house, so yes.
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How does real estate work in Sims 3?

You can now purchase properties either from the computer or cell phone, where you’ll see a handy list of all available businesses and venues your Sims can buy. Initially, you’re taking a loss when you purchase one of these locales. Only over time will the cost recover itself. Gone are partnerships and deeds.

What happens when you buy real estate Sims 3?

Once a Sim has partnered (Become a Partner) or become an owner ( Purchase Property ) a Partner’s Deed or Owner’s Deed will be moved into the Sims inventory. Upon installing stock Sims 3 (without patches), the deeds will be separate items in a Sim’s inventory.

How do you buy more houses on Sims 3?

If you mean buy any house when you start your game, you can type in the cheat “freerealestate” and unlock any house.

How do you cheat on Sims 3 Xbox 360?

Cheating disables Challenges and Achievements / Trophies, so save your neighborhood before entering this cheat. Load your family into a house, hit START and hold LB + LT + RB + RT. You will be told that Spoot will be available under Decor>Miscellaneous. Place him in your lot to unlock cheat mode.

How do you get free real estate on Sims 3?

With testing cheats enabled, you can make lots free to allow a single Sim to purchase a lot that is over their budget. Simply type the console command freerealestate and all lots will be free.

What happens when you move to a new town Sims 3?

Once all the NPCs are in your household, move the family to another town. This will move them to the town you chose without you having to start a new game. The relationships among sims in the household will remain intact. Whatever items in the sims ‘ inventories and family inventory will stay there.

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Can Sims get murdered Sims 4?

Sims are much harder to kill in The Sims 4, the latest edition of EA’s famous people simulator. Oh, but they can die. It just requires a bit more tact on the player’s part. If you’ve been having a hard time tormenting your virtual pets, here are some tips to help you help them shuffle off their mortal coil.

Can a pregnant Sim die?

Sims who have successfully conceived, but haven’t realized they are pregnant, cannot die as well. There are many mods that will stop a pregnancy, however most of them don’t have any negative effects on the Sim.

Can you sell your house on Sims Mobile?

There is not an option to sell your objects in The Sims Mobile, that’s why you can ‘t find it. However, you can save the items you don’t want to have in your house in your inventory, by pressing on them and then pressing on the icon that looks like a box.

How do you get roommates on Sims 3?

The Sims 3: University Life Sims can obtain roommates by using their smartphones. Once a residential lot is filled with uncontrolled roommates, a new ” Roommates ” option appears when interacting with the Sims. Sims can “Mooch”, “Ask Roommates to Clean, Fix Broken Objects or Make a Meal”, and “Dismiss Roommate “.

What does becoming a partner mean Sims 3?

Becoming a partner means that there are other Sims who own a share of that property, too. Buying out the property, on the other hand, makes you the sole owner of that property; any Sims who previously owned it are no longer owners.

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How do you get lots of money on Sims 3?

How to Get Lots of Money in the Sims 3 Without Using Cheats or Getting a Job

  1. Painting.
  2. Writing.
  3. Inventing.
  4. Fishing.
  5. Guitar.
  6. Collecting.
  7. Mooch.
  8. Cat ( Sims Pets Required)

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