Often asked: How To Sell A House In Black Desert Online?

How do you sell things in black desert online?

If you want to sell items, click on the My Listings button at the bottom. To put the items in your inventory in the Marketplace, click on the Register Item button at the top right corner of the Marketplace window.

Can you make real money on Black Desert online?

Sell Black Desert Online Items for Real Money As you probably know, BDO makes it harder than most games to trade items with other players, but that doesn’t mean you ‘re stuck with all those extra goods. With PlayerAuctions, you ‘ll be able to turn those BDO items into real -world cash!

Can you own a house in Black Desert online?

In Black Desert you can purchase a house in every city or a bigger village. When you want to buy a house, you need to know its price. This price is not presented in silver but contribution points. In order to find more information about all the houses and chain-purchases, select the window visible on the photo.

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How does housing work in black desert?

Housing in Black Desert gives you the option to spend contribution on buildings to use them for purposes such as: A home to you can live in. Storage to expand your bank in that city (selected houses ) A workshop for your workers (selected houses )

How do I sell my junk on Black Desert Mobile?

Find the closest vendor in a nearby city and use the “ Sell Junk ” option to quickly get rid of unnecessary loot. Then, open your Skills menu and press the “Use All Skillsbooks” button to make even more room in your backpack.

How does the market work in BDO?

Buying on the Marketplace Open the Marketplace by talking to a Marketplace Director. Select the item you want, it opens a drop down list of the offers for that item. Choose how you want to pay for the item on the bottom left (from money in your inventory or from money in storage/warehouse). Purchase the one you want.

How can I get rich in BDO?


  1. A lot of silver depending on your spot and clear speed.
  2. Drop only accessories and armor.
  3. Rare Items.
  4. Combat EXP.
  5. Contribution Points (If you do daily quests)

How many houses can you own in BDO?

You can only own a maximum of 5 “residences” in the game (but as many properties as you can afford). Adds extra storage space to the warehouse in that region.

How much is a house in BDO?

it is a house for your workers. you can have up to 3 workers per town but if you want to hire more workers you will need to buy housing for them. worker housing takes 5 minutes and a cost of 500 silver to set-up.

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What does Black Desert online do?

What Can You Do in Black Desert Online?

  1. Explore the World.
  2. Complete Quests.
  3. Hunt.
  4. Gather Resources.
  5. Craft.
  6. Trade.
  7. Capture and Breed Horses.
  8. Train AFK.

Where is the storage in Black Desert online?

Storage in BDO is split into three categories: the players inventory (accessed by hitting by default “I”) the personal Warehouses (accessed by interacting with a Warehouse Manager in the world or by opening a rented Storage Box in your Residence) the guild Warehouses (accessed through the door in the guild hall)

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