Often asked: How Recent Does A Termite Treatment Have To Be To Sell Your House?

How hard is it to sell a house that had termites?

Not only is it challenging to sell a house with a termite problem, but it could also be unsafe to live in. To get rid of termites and fix the damage caused can turn into a costly construction job, especially if having to replace support beams, walls, wood floors, and more if needed.

Is it bad to buy a house that has been treated for termites?

As long as the problem has been treated and isn’t current, it may be worth it to buy the home if you’re trying to save money. The best way to do this is by hiring a professional to conduct a home inspection. When evidence of termite damage has been found, use it to bargain with the homeowner about price.

How long does a professional termite treatment last?

On average, termite treatment lasts about 5 years. Liquid termite treatment can last five years or more, whereas termite bait stations only last one year and need to be maintained annually.

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Does a seller have to fix termite damage?

Typically, the seller is on the hook for covering the costs of any pest solutions or treatments needed. Additionally, the seller will pay for any repairs needed to fix dry rot or replace wood damaged by termites.

What percentage of homes have termites?

Termites are the greatest pest concern, worrying one in four, and 13 percent actually experienced termites in the last 12 months. Nearly one quarter (22 percent ) of homeowners had experienced structural damage to their home from a pest problem.

How bad is having termites in your house?

While they’re certainly less common than your average insect, termites can cause a whole lot more damage than most other pests, and can even threaten the structural integrity of your home. That’s because they can chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper without you ever even noticing!

How long before termites destroy a house?

When a termite colony infests a home, it can take as little as three years for noticeable damage to occur. Of course, the rate of damage depends on the size of the colony. If the colony is large enough, it can destroy the wood components of your home within a period of eight years.

Is termites a deal breaker?

But buying a house with significant termite damage? Well, that can be a terrifying deal – breaker. It can also be costly. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage each year.

How long after termite treatment do they die?

If a spray is applied by a professional exterminator, termites typically start dying off within a day or two. Depending on the severity of the infestation, it could take longer for the treatment to reach the queen and entirely eliminate the colony.

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Do termites come back after treatment?

Can Termites Return After Treatment? Unfortunately, they can. Termite treatment is very involved and requires ongoing maintenance to keep these pests out. Once your termite problem is fully treated, our termite control professionals will work to create a barrier around your home that will deter termites from returning.

Do I need termite treatment every year?

Question: How often do you need to retreat a residence for termite control ( every year, every 2 years, longer)? Answer: Termite control is done once and it will last from 6-13 years; however, a yearly inspection of the house is usually done.

What happens if you don’t fix termite damage?

Advanced termite damage can greatly affect the structural integrity of your home, even causing ceilings or floors to collapse. However, if damage does not affect your home’s structure, your family’s experience at home can still be impacted by ruined carpeting, walls, furniture or flooring.

How do you know if termite damage is bad?

As termites eat away at wooden structures, they leave behind hollow tubes. If the infestation is serious, the more likely it is to sound hollow. In some cases, a homeowner will be able to notice cracks on the surface, splitting, or other signs of extensive damages.

How much do termites damage devalue a home?

Termites can devalue your home by up to 25%. Widely regarded as one of the most destructive pests, termites cause $5 billion in property damage each year.

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