FAQ: How To Sell House On A Farm Bdo?

How does farming work BDO?

To start farming, you will need to rent a fence from some NPCs using contribution points. The rental is permanent as long you keep using it. If you don’t use it for 7 days, it will get deposited back to your storage and you can go back to the NPC to return it to get your contribution points back.

How do you AFK farm in BDO?

The usual way to go about AFK farming is as follows: rent fences → gather seeds → build a garden → plant seeds. The process is the same as the general method of farming, except that you do not need to visit the garden until the crops are fully grown.

Where is Elda Farm BDO?

A farm located south of Heidel, across the Demi River.

Is farming worth it BDO?

Farming is one of the most profitable uses for your Contribution Points, but if you don’t like it, it will just end up being a chore. After spending 100 Contribution on Strong Fences, it can be leveled fairly quick.

How do you farm AFK?

To use an AFK fish farm, the player will have to hold down the right-click button. When the rod is cast, it will trigger the tripwire, opening an iron door. When a fish is caught, the bobber will suddenly drop down, thus closing the door and breaking the line. This forced the rod to reel in whatever was caught.

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How can I recover my stamina in BDO?

Your workers will run out of energy after a while depending on their stamina stat. You will have to feed them specific items to replenish their stamina. You can buy these items in the Consumables > Food section in the Central Market or you can craft them yourself.

How do I get the best work in BDO?

BDO Workers: Building the Best Worker Empire

  1. gather materials from nodes, saving you time gathering manually.
  2. build items in workshops, such as gear, ships, horse gear, furniture, trade crates, and more.
  3. level, promote, and fire workers.
  4. train and exchange helpful skills that cater to your game goals.

Where can I buy dry mane grass in BDO?

Dry Mane Grass Nodes

  1. Your workers can collect Dry Mane Grass from these Nodes:
  2. Tshira Ruins 1 in Drieghan. Node Drieghan Tshira Ruins [2CP] Tshira Ruins 1 [2CP] Farm. Tshira Ruins 1. Drieghan. – Contribution Points: 2. Dry Mane Grass.

Where can I rent farm BDO?

Location of NPC’s Which Rent Fences in BDO.

  • Costa Farm – Mael Costa – Small fence.
  • Moretti Plantation – Mercianne Moretti – Plain fence: 6 CP.
  • Heidel City – Flaviano – Strong fence.
  • Heidel City – Stee – Old Moon Fence.

How does BDO 2020 make money?

Black Desert Online Best Ways To Earn Silver

  1. 1 Number 5: Horse Breeding.
  2. 2 Number 4: Fishing.
  3. 3 Number 3: Trade Runs.
  4. 4 Number 2: Life Skills.
  5. 5 Number 1: Grinding.

Where is Northern Cienaga BDO?

Swampland located in the middle-eastern region of Serendia, directly south of Heidel.

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