FAQ: How To Sell A House On Rocitizens?

Can you sell a house on RoCitizens Roblox?

Houses are spawned by interacting with the For Sale signs located on vacant plots. All non-limited house blueprints can be purchased from the shop. Currently, the only limited home is the Haunted Manor, which could be unlocked during the 2018 and 2020 Halloween Event. Blueprints cannot be sold or traded.

How do I delete a house on RoCitizens?

Demolish. This one is pretty straightforward, if you select “Demolish”, to the right of Go To, you will get a warning message, letting you know that if you do decide to demolish your house, the entire house will be deleted from your property, allowing you to place a different house or use a different house lot.

What is the most expensive item in RoCitizens?

As of 11/23/17, the Jaguar is currently the most expensive car in RoCitizens.

How do you get a gun in rocitizens 2020?

Bring out your pistol at a cashier at either the Bank of RoCity, Super Mart, Bailley’s, or 8 Twelve Gas Station, and pick the dialogue option with the gun symbol beside its left. After roughly 10 seconds, a white bag will appear, click on it to collect it, and travel to your safe zone to secure the money.

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How long is a day in rocitizens?

Each day is 24 real-time minutes, meaning each season is 168 minutes, or 2 hours, 48 minutes.

How do you rob a bank in rocitizens 2021?

You must go to the hideout, where you will find Sam, an NPC who has many supplies for the perfect robbery. Buy the supplies (bomb, lock pick, ands key card) then make your way to the bank. At the bank, you will use the key card to enter through the white door.

Where do you put codes in rocitizens 2021?

To redeem codes in RoCitizen, you need to click on the green shopping icon on the bottom left of the screen. This brings up a window to enter your codes. Type them in here, or copy and paste, and you can redeem them for your rewards.

How do you become a criminal in rocitizens?

Criminal HQ

  1. Step through the blue portal in the middle of the prison hideout room.
  2. Once you’ve done that, go to either the Super-Mart, 8/12, or Le Vete, or the Bank.
  3. After you’ve arrived, look for an NPC at the location you’re going to rob.
  4. Take out your gun by pressing E on your keyboard and point it at the NPC.

What are the codes in RoCitizens?


Active Codes
Name Reward
sweettweets Gives you Twitter Trophy and $2,500!
discordance Gives you $3,500 and Discord Award!
truefriend Gives you $4,000 and Pet Rock!


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