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Welcome to Lucretia Pinnock'sPinehurst, Ft. Bragg and Southern Pines Real Estate Website

Once again the Southern Pines and Pinehurst Area made headlines as one of the best places to live and retire! Moore County is a great place to live! Just as David Letterman makes his Top 10 list - here is my Top 10 list for living in Moore County. 1. It is a beautiful, safe and peaceful place to live! 2. Wonderful Schools - private and public. 3. Great Hospital 4. Lots of great restaurants and pubs. 5. Uique Interesting shopping 6. History galore 7. The Arts are alive and well! 8. No traffic congesting 9. The cost of living makes it an affordable place to live. 10. Great Home Values!  

U.S.Open to be held at Pineurst No. 2 in June 2014!!! Both the Men and Women will have tournaments then. The 2012 U.S. Open was held in San Francisco and the winner was a young man names Webp Simpson of Raleigh, NC. When Webb was 13 years old, he was a standard bearer during the 1999 U. S. Open held in Pinehurst.
When the U.S. Open returns for the third time, Simpson wil be among the select group of golfers who can call themselves U. S Open Champions!
The preparations for golf course and the hotel accoodations are underway and it is an exciting time to live and work in the Pinehurst area. WOW!!! Now is a great time to make a rea estate investment in this beautiful part of our country - - - especially if you like golf!!!
One of the many blessing of living in the United States of America is the freedom to own a home.
wWelcome to Here you will find real estate listings for the Pinehurst, Fort Bragg and Southern Pines areas and all other areas in Moore County!

Would you like a copy? They are FREE of course. Just send me an email to with your request and it will be my pleasure to send you a booklet!

Home Ownership from the perspective of an 8 year old boy.
What does it mean?

What does buying a house mean to an 8 year old boy? Isaac’s parents bought their first home last week. Moving into their own home was very exciting to the whole family, but it meant so much to Isaac that he drew a picture of himself, his mom and dad in front of a house that had a SOLD sign beside it.  

Isaac drew the picture as activity for his Cub Scout “Faith in God” project and he gave the picture to me. He told me that I could display it in my office. What a special gift this picture is to me! I have worked as a Realtor for more than 28 years and it is always exciting and special to me to help people to buy a home! Isaac’s picture gave me insight into his heart and mind and the thoughts of a child regarding home ownership. This event was very special to Isaac as well as to his parents.  

For Isaac, buying a house meant that he would have his own bedroom and it could be painted his favorite color. It meant that he would be close to his school and to the park that he enjoys. For Isaac’s parents, buying a house was a dream that they thought almost impossible. Owning their home means financial stability for their family. They know what their housing costs will be fixed. They won’t have to worry about increases in their rent. They also like the idea of being able to paint the walls, hang pictures, and decorate. When renting a home, changes to the house or apartment are not allowed without permission.  

There are lots of reasons that people buy houses. According to a survey by Fannie Mae in October of 2011, people say that the top four reasons that they buy a home are:
1. To find a good place to raise and provide quality education for children.
2. To have a physical structure where they and their family feel safe.
3. To provide more space for family.
4. To gain control over what they can do with their living space, like renovations and updates.

Isaac’s thoughts and picture tell his story. He is so happy in his new home. He has made new friends and rides his bike on the safe cul-de-sac. He walks to the school bus and his parents can watch him walk to the bus from the kitchen window. Isaac’s picture hangs in my office just like Isaac suggested and reminds me of the importance of home ownership to children and adults. The joyful experience with Isaac and his family is the reason that I enjoy working as a Realtor. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with people as they reach their goal of home ownership!  

By Lucretia Pinnock, Realtor® - Pinnock Real Estate & Relocation Services, Inc. 

Pinnock Real Estate & Relocation Service's, Inc. honors military families, and at this time we would like to especially honor the Military Child! My 3 daughters are now adults with children of their own, but they grew up as "Army Brats". The children of military families in our world today face unique challenges. Since September 11, 2001, we have been a nation faced with terrorism and war. We honor and thank all of our military men, women and their children who have been courageous in their service to our country!  

As a special gift to honor the Military Children whose parents buy houses we want to help you to decorate your "Dream Bedroom"! We will give the Children of a Military family a $100.00 gift card to Lowe's Home Improvement for paint or other items to decorate their "Dream Bedroom"!

The pure, dry air.
The pure, soft water.
The mild climate.
The perfect drainage.
The aroma of Pines.
The abundance of sunshine
The freedom from care.
The out-door life.
The pleasant associates.
The hearty appetite
The natural sleep
The absolute freedom from mud,

If you can not come, send a friend! 

These words brought a smile to my face. This was true when written by Mr. John T. Patrick, the founder of Pinebluff and the State Commissioner of Immigration in the early part of the 1900¡¦s and they are true today!  

As Mr. Patrick said, If you can not come, send a friend!¡¨ 



Happy Days Are Here Again! 

Lucretia Pinnock
We Honor Those Who Serve Our Country!

Real Estate Tips
First Time Buyers >Structural Contingency

If you have a house for sale your buyers will probably include a structural inspection contingency in the contract. This allows them to have an expert check out the house, the major systems and the appliances.

A professional structural inspector can help buyers to "know" the house and to feel comfortable with it, but the inspection does not result in a pass or fail grade. The buyers will learn important facts about the house, such as where the water cutoff valve is located, in case of an emergency. The inspection may also help buyers set up a budget for repairs and determine if they want to invest in cost-effective measures to increase energy efficiency.

Buyers rarely back out of a sale after a structural inspection. Even if there are problems, you have the opportunity to negotiate a compromise and to avoid any obstacles that could seriously threaten the sale.

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Fairview is the most common city name, according to the 1996 Top Ten of Everything Book.
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